Wide Range of Transport Services

Fully Equipped Van Network

Our Highland, Inverness Based man with a van services are fully equipped to handle all kinds of transport needs, wether it be private, commercial or industrial. From location to location without stress or worry, our team will always take great care in moving your items throughout the Inverness, wider Highland area and beyond.

Total Business or House Clearance

You might need to use a business or house-clearance service for several reasons. For example, you may be downsizing and need to get rid of excess items, or you may be preparing a property for sale and want to make it more appealing to buyers. Overall, business and house clearance services can be a useful resource for those looking to declutter their properties or clear out a building entirely. By working with a professional Inverness removals company, you can ensure that the process is efficient and stress-free and that your unwanted items are disposed of responsibly.

When you choose Man With Van Network, you ensure that your domestic or commercial goods are handled in the most professional way possible, and we can clear your house of items of all shapes and sizes. From large dining tables and ovens to motorbikes and bicycles, we can move it all without any hassle and our prices are the best in the Inverness area. Choose your team locally and Contact us today for professional removals with a fantastic service.

Hassle Free and Affordable House Moves

Whether you are moving to a place in the centre of Inverness or to the edge of the Highlands, our team can move your goods in an affordable manner with our reliable-as-clockwork removals. Whilst we may not provide international removals, we can take your goods to a port or other transport station for you to handle from there, meaning that our removals service can help to get you anywhere in the world, not just the UK.

Moving home should not be a stressful task, with a reliable removals company in Inverness and some quality packing materials the job should be done in no time at all. We want you spend as little as possible moving home, so consider using a full packing service if you aren’t confident in packing your goods securely, as items that are packed efficiently with packing services will be much easier to transport with fewer trips needed. You should also ensure that adequate storage space is available in your new home, the last thing we want is for your prized possessions to be left out in the rain when we get there after so much of your hard work.

General uplift inverness

General uplift

We can uplift almost any item that needs moving. From all kinds of mechanical and electrical items to a whole range of larger heavy duty items, we can transport your items on time and within budget.

Home Removals Inverness

Home Removals

Our Inverness based home removal services will ease the stress out of moving home. We can move all your household items throughout the Highlands and beyond wether it be a large family home or a small 1 bedroom flat.

Specialist Transport Inverness

Specialist Transport Services

Our Highland network is also equipped to handle a whole range of specialist transport services in industrial and commercial transport, contact us with your enquires.

House Clearances Inverness

Tip Runs & House Clearances

If you need quick tip runs to get rid of some old household furniture, or require a complete house clearance, Man with a Van will swiftly and efficiently do the job on time and on budget.